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English Gator Academyでは、特に小学生向けのレッスンでは、どのようなレッスンが必要かを常に考えてきました。レッスンの流れは、English Gator Academyでは、特に小学生向けのレッスンでは、どのようなレッスンが生徒たちに必要かを考えています。レッスンの流れは、わかりやすく、生徒が混乱しないように心がけています。アルファベットのフォニックス、単語、文章、そして質問と回答といった基本的なことから始めて、自然に英語が話せるようになりますが、スポーツと同じで基本ができないと英語もできるようになりません。そこで、毎日の練習がとても重要になってきます。

第1週と第2週は英語の定着を図るため、教室にはおもちゃを置かず、カードゲームやアクティブなゲームに限定します。3週目、4週目はおもちゃなどを使って、「Be in Control」ボードで生徒が自ら好きなように英語を学ぶことができます。


Here at English Gator Academy, we had always had a pretty straight forward approach of how every lesson should be, especially for our elementary school lessons. The way the lesson flows should be simple to understand and should not be changed all the time, so our students never get confused. We start with the basics, in other words with alphabet phonics, words, sentences, and then questions and answers that will lead our students to speak English naturally progressively, but just like sports if the basics cannot be achieved normal conversations can’t and just like sports the only way to achieve them is by practicing every day. We make sure our students remember the new English by doing various activities and also see if they remember the next day by making sure they ask us the question we studied, so they can get inside the classroom, so basically like a mini test every week. We understand that some students learn faster and some slower thus we don’t believe in pressuring our students to remember the lessons to the letter every week. We have a more extensive program called pera pera English where you can take lessons either online or face to face everyday or almost everyday to improve your English conversation skills faster for a low price, please ask if you are interested. We can allow parents to see the lessons once a month, so please feel welcome too, also if you need to know the vocabulary and questions and answers we learned in the lessons we can also let you know by LINE or E-mail, so you can practice at home. The structure of the lessons is at our website, so please take a look anytime. We concentrate on reviewing or learning new English the first and second week of the month and in using it in the classroom or outside the third and fourth week. From now on the first and second week so English retention can be achieved there will be no toys in the classroom, but only card games and active games. There will be toys the third and fourth week, so the students can use English any way they want using our “Be in Control” board.

※ 最新情報とブログは英語に書いてあります。日本語に読む時には必ずグーグル翻訳を使用をしてください。