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独身ですか? どっちがいい? 世界中の多くの人々がその決定とかなり頻繁に戦います。 彼らは自由な魂であり、結婚は彼らのためではないと言う人もいれば、結局は結婚してしまう人もいれば、結婚してとても素敵な家族を作りたいと言う人もいますが、結局結婚した後は独身になる人もいます かなりの回数。 世界中の多くの国では、人口の減少により市民の結婚を奨励していますが、人口が急増しているため、市民が独身でいることを好む国もあります。 どちらのステータスにも多くのメリットがありますが、どちらを優先しても、幸せで充実した気分になります。

Single or married

Single or married? Which do you prefer? Many people around the world battle with that decision quite often. Some people say that they are free souls and that marriage is not for them, yet they end up married at the end, some say that they want to get married and start a very nice family yet at the end they end up single after getting married quite a few times. Many countries around the world are encouraging their citizens to get married due to a declining population, yet others prefer their citizens to stay single as their population is booming too much. There are many benefits to either status, and whichever you prefer what matters is that you feel happy and fulfilled.

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