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ああ! あなたはアウトドアを楽しみ、新鮮な空気、素晴らしい景色を楽しみ、家族や友人と素晴らしい時間を過ごしています。 昼食が済んだら、なんとか回収したゴミを捨てる時ですが、ゴミ箱やゴミ捨て場所がなく、大きな問題です。 あなたならどうしますか? 自分のゴミ袋を持って家に持って帰る人も少なくありませんが、ゴミを床に捨てる人も少なくありません。 ごみをゴミ箱以外の場所に捨てることはポイ捨てと呼ばれ、現在では大きな問題となっており、環境を汚染し、美しい景色の魅力を損ないます。 時々動物はそのゴミを食物と混同します。 ポイ捨てをやめ、自然が常に美しく見えるようにしましょう。

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Let’s stop littering

Ahh!! You are enjoying the outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, the great scenery and having a great time with your family or friends. After you finish your lunch, it is time to dispose of the garbage you have managed to collect, but there is a huge problem, there are no trashcans or place in where to dispose of the garbage. What would you do? Quite a few people take their own trash bags and put their trash there to take it home, but quite a few people also decide just to throw the garbage to the floor. Disposing of your garbage anywhere other than a trashcan is called littering and it is a huge problem nowadays, doing it pollutes the environment and makes beautiful sceneries look less appealing. Sometimes animals confuse that garbage with food as well. Let’s stop littering and make sure nature always stays and looks beautiful.

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