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※ 上の文書はグーグル翻訳です。

The importance English language education

“I don’t need to learn English. I can get a job and do well only speaking Japanese.” I have heard that comment quite a bit, but even though you can succeed only speaking your own language, your list of options to find more jobs from where to choose from becomes a bit narrower. English is a universal language and pretty much most countries in the world speak it, thus opening lots of doors for many international careers to choose from. If you know English and can pretty much understand it well, chances are your understanding of the world is clearer. 

There are many foreigners living in Japan now, and many of them cannot speak, read or write Japanese. Of course it is important for those foreigners to learn Japanese, but how are you going to pass that point across if you cannot communicate with them properly. Knowing English is very important in order to prevent confusion and misinformation among the people living in a city or town in Japan. Confusion and misinformation could lead to many managerial problems in a city or town.

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※ 最新情報とブログは英語に書いてあります。日本語に読む時には必ずグーグル翻訳を使用をしてください。